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Best Brush For Pitbull

brush for pitbull shedding

Dogs are indeed a blessing for us. Nothing beats the sheer joy of your dog running towards you after a long tiring day. It is really essential that their “hooman” makes sure they are clean and healthy.
Pit bulls have a single short coat. The short coated dogs don’t suffer from matts or tangles. However, it is important to brush them regularly to get rid of loose hair, dust, and debris to keep the coat looking shiny and glossy. As tough as these cuddly goodnesses may look, grooming a Pit Bull is one of the best parts of having them as it can be done in a jiffy.

Things to consider when choosing the best brush for Pitbull

  • Type of Brush

There are many different variants available in the market, and they are specifically designed for different sorts of coats. For Pitbull, we recommend the brushed with bristles and pinheads. While brushing the bristle brushes stimulate blood flow as well as removes the loose hair effectively. The pin brushes are equally gentle on the skin, and they also help to retain the shine of the coat.

  • Type of Hair Coat

Always get a brush that is suitable for the coat type of your dog. Choosing the wrong brush can have damaging effects as it might scratch and injure your pet’s skin.

  • Comfort

Never choose a brush that will be harsh to your pet’s skin. Whether the brush has bristles or pins, make sure they work gently and smoothly on the skin. Make sure your pet considers this grooming session as a part of relaxation, not a punishment.

4 of best brush for Pitbull with details

1) Pet Grooming Gloves by Delomo

The first product of out best brush for Pitbull list is a pet grooming gloves by Delomo. There are some Pitties who dislike getting brushed. Sometimes they are so jumpy that it’s nearly impossible to get the brush around them and agitating your dog is never a good idea. This product works excellent for dogs that kind.
Another reason we’ve chosen this product is that Pit Bulls have one smooth single coat. Hence, they are quite sensitive and more prone to skin issues. The rubber on the gloves works way gentler on their skin rather than the harsh brush bristles.

Pet Grooming Glove

This product comes for both of your hands. The textured rubber surface has scrubbing nubs that relaxes your dog and be sure that your furry friend will be asking for more belly rubs. The rubber grips the shed fur gently along with dust and debris of flaky skin.
You just need to move it in patting motions and voila! Your work is done. This will not only get rid of shedding but also increase the bond with your pet. Best of both worlds, right?
The five finger design enables you to reach the hard ends that are not easily reached with a brush. On top of that, the gloves capture the fur on the mitt so you won’t be having hair lying all around the place.
This is an excellent news for those who are allergic to dog hair as they would have a lesser risk to come in contact with it. You can easily clean the glove with soap and water and then dry it off.
The Delomo grooming gloves are super affordable and hassle-free. They are incredibly comfortable to use, and they will cut down the grooming time by a great extent. The cherry on top is that the manufacturer offers a refund if you’re not happy with its performance.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • It lets you bond with your pet
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Gloves are available in only one size

Pet Grooming Gloves By Pat Your Pet

2) GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

The GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin Brush is a double-sided brush that works amazingly well for all coats. It looks sturdy and has excellent build quality. It’ll make your job a lot easier, and hassle-free as Pit Bulls have a single coat.
The silicone handle is a great feature that you’ll notice right after you receive the product. Unlike the wooden or metals handles, this handle is not heavy at all. The handle provides excellent grip, and people of any age or even people with arthritis will be able to hold the brush at ease. It also has a hook at the end so you can also hang it if you want to.GoPets Professional Brush
As the name suggests, one side has pins, and the other side has brush bristles. The pin side is more suitable for thicker coats. Pitties have a single coat so the soft brushed side will work great on them. The bristles are soft yet firm that can penetrate deep into the coat which enables it to groom the undercoat without scratching or hurting your pet’s skin.
The pins are very flexible with small balls on the tip which runs smoothly through the coat. The rounded end is made with the quality rubber material which works gently on the dog’s skin. These bristles work exceptionally well on wet hair as well. So, you can now groom your dog right after a fresh bath.
The cleaning process is relatively simple. You can just run it through water or use shampoo for some extra cleaning. The manufacturer provides refund and money back guarantees if you’re not happy with the outcome.

  • Silicone handle
  • Includes both pin and bristle sides
  • Easy cleaning
  • The handle sometimes sticks furs to it

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

3) BONVE Pet Grooming Brush

The Bonve pet grooming brush is a fantastic brush that provides superb performance without making a dent on your wallet. You can groom your beloved pet like a professional with the help of this excellent tool in a very little time.
The flexible pins are very gentle on the coat, and it will give your Pit Bull an enjoyable experience without being harsh on the skin. It effectively removes loose shedding hair with every pass.
This amazing brush not only removes loose hair it also straightens them. Even though Pit Bulls don’t have a curly coat, but this brush will come handy if you own other dogs that have curly hair. The soft stainless steel pins work effortlessly, and it glides like butter on the skin. The steel pins work very gently on the pet’s body, and its unique design reaches all the nooks and edges that are hard to reach with the regular brushes.
One of the best features of this brush is that just with a push of a button it retracts and removes all the accumulated hair. If you’re someone who dislikes cleaning the collected hair, then you will adore the Bonve grooming brush.
You no longer need to do it manually as you can do it just by pushing a button. You no longer have to worry about hair flying all over the place as well. The bulky head is there for a reason. The purpose is to hold a lot of loose hair without having to clean it after every few glides.
The ergonomic handle is very comfortable to hold. The soft anti-slip grid and the thumb rest provide comfort for prolonged use. Overall, The Bonve grooming brush has top notch quality within a very affordable price range.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Accumulates all the loose hair inside the head
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Some dogs might not prefer the steel pins

Bonve Pet LKGMS-001 Pet Grooming Brush

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4) Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs

The Safari Bristle Brush is specifically designed for dogs with a short coat such as Pit Bulls. This brush will be an excellent tool to groom your precious furry friend without breaking the bank. The brush bristles are incredibly gentle on the skin, and it effectively cleans and shines the dog’s coat. The Safari grooming brush is very easy and convenient to use. The ergonomic handle provides maximum grip even in wet condition so you’ll be able to groom your dog right after the bath too.Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs
You should always brush in the direction of hair growth. Use short strokes in angling motion to effectively remove the loose hair and debris. The bristles work in a unique way that allows the skin to release its natural oil to retain the shine of the coat. With the sturdy looks, it also comes with the excellent quality material.
The brush comes in two sizes: small-medium and medium-large. If you’re someone with small hands or large hands who have struggled to find the brush with right-sized handle, then this will be the perfect option for you.
This brush works great for everyday grooming since Pitties have a single coat they don’t even need professional grooming. On top of that, with regular use, this brush also promises to reduce the amount of shedding. The brush catches the hair in the bristles so there wouldn’t be hair flying all over the place.

  • Specially designed for dogs with a short coat
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Ergonomic handle for better grip
  • Reduces shedding with continuous use
  • Everyone might not prefer the plastic handle

Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs

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Why Pitbull Shed?

Several factors lead to shedding. We’ve gathered up the prime reasons which you may take care of to reduce the amount of shedding.

  • Food Habit
    One of the vital reasons behind shedding is the kind of food you feed your dog. Even though it’s natural for dogs to shed, but having an improper diet with oily greasy food will lead to excess shedding. Always feed them quality dog food which will help to retain the natural shine of the coat.
  • Hormones
    Hormones play another crucial role as when the dogs go through hormonal changes they tend to shed more than usual. However, this is beyond your control, so all you can do is to keep an eye on your dog and brush them regularly when they are going through hormonal changes.
  • Seasonal Changes
    With changing seasons, your Pit Bull might also have increasing shedding than usual. This is nothing to worry about. Brush them regularly to get rid of hair flying all over the house.
  • Stress
    Like their “hooman” the Pitties sometimes get stressed as well. They might be stressed with any changes in the surroundings, the environment or new owners but with time they will be fine and dandy again. Take them for a walk or spend more time with them to get rid of the stressful situation.

Final Thoughts About Choosing The Best Brush For Pitbull

Even though Pit Bulls have a single coat, they are quite frequent shedders. Being their trusted “hooman” you must keep them well-groomed and clean. With so many grooming tools available in the market, it might seem daunting to find the perfect one for your precious dog. From thousands of products, we have picked out the best in the market for your beloved pet. The features, pros, and cons will guide you to decide which one will be the most suitable for your furry friend.
Stay Clean, Stay Happy!

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