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best cordless dog grooming clipper

So, you want to keep your dog well-groomed and free of tangles and mats? The first step towards grooming your pet is learning the process. Once you learn the process of giving your dog a haircut, you’ll have to get a good pair of dog grooming clippers.

When it comes to grooming, many of us consider seeking help from professional groomers. But pets often find salon experience not so pampering, and dog owners find it expensive. Dogs usually get disturbed by groomers and find the entire grooming process stressful. One of the best ways to make them feel comfortable and safe is to conduct the grooming sessions at home (not to mention at home grooming will save you lots of money long-term).

Dog owners, who want to keep their pets groomed, need the best cordless dog grooming clippers the most. But choosing the best one is not that easy as it sounds. Since so many options are available, pet owners often become confused and end up selecting the wrong one that may not cut through your dogs hair.

Which pet grooming clippers are the best ones? What factors are needed to be considered when buying clippers? To find the best dog grooming clippers, read our in-depth analysis below.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks:

Best Overall
Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable Lithium-Ion Battery (078004-000-000)
Runner Up
Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded / Cordless Clipper Kit, Purple (#41870-0423)
Budget Pick
oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dog Cat
Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit, Champagne (#8786-452)
Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit - Professional Rechargeable for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats and Other Pets

How to Choose the Best Cordless Dog Clippers?

wahl cordless clipper for dogs

When it comes to grooming, most dogs often become scared of clippers, and there are mainly three reasons behind for this – the dangling cord, the vibration of the clipper blades, and the sound. If your dog is easily anxious, then using the best cordless dog grooming clippers is a good solution because we have selected quiet clippers that are cordless. Cordless clippers are beneficial for at home groomers who only have one dog due to the limited battery life.

How is it possible to pick up the best clippers when so many options are available? We’ve highlighted some aspects that you need to look for when choosing a pair of grooming clippers for your dog.

Conduct Thorough Research

Before placing your order, do not forget to conduct a thorough research about the clipper brands. Clippers of different brands come with various features. Therefore, choosing the best brand and model is important. Select a brand that has good track records and isn’t just a private labeled product. One of the best ways to collect information about a specific brand is through online reviews.  

Select the Right Type Dog Clipper

Different types of dog clippers are available in the market. They also come with various types of blades and materials. You should pick a dog grooming clipper that serves your purposes in the best way. What species of dog do you have and how thick is their hair?  For matted hair and thick coats, you’ll need to make sure that you get a dog grooming clipper that is sharp enough.

The Wahl Arco cordless dog clippers are the best options for achieving professional and precise dog grooming. Pet owners, who are looking for cordless and lightweight clippers for hassle-free grooming will never regret this purchase because you get professional results. It has a good overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. 

More Features about the Wahl Arco:

  • The 5 in 1 blade can be adjusted between the following blade sizes – 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. Due to the variety of different hair cutting lengths; the clippers are one of the best choices for many pet lovers. 
  • Once these dog clippers are fully charged, they will run for 80 minutes. This cordless dog clippers also comes with two different sets of batteries so you get double the runtime if both batteries are charged.
  • The hair blade is also easy to maintain and clean. The blade also cuts at 5,500 strokes per minute. 
  • The Wahl Arco pet clipper is suitable for large, medium, and small-sized dogs, like, Spaniels, Bichons, Terriers. You can also easily groom your cat with these clippers. It works great for touch-ups and trimming around your dog’s face, muzzle, legs, and ears.
  • These dog grooming clippers are lightweight at 7.9 oz and fit easily into your hand.

If you are looking for the best cordless dog grooming clippers, then the Wahl Arco makes a good choice.

The Oster Volt is one of the higher end cordless dog clippers on our list. Professional groomers will often use these wireless dog clippers because they are heavy duty and highly versatile. The battery will last up to two hours and deliver a constant steam of torque at 2,400 strokes per minute. This cordless clipper for dogs runs off a powerful magnet motor and a custom-built CryogenX blade. The Oster blades are what make this product so expensive. The CryogenX blade is made from high carbon steel and is handcrafted to cut the thickest of dog hair.

The idea behind the Oster cordless dog clipper is that it is low speed and high torque. This is why the battery lasts up to 2 hours and will constantly stay cool and not burn your dogs skin. With other dog clippers, the metal blade will heat up from constant use and it will hurt your dog’s skin. This is never the case with the Oster Volt clipper.

More features about the Oster Volt dog clippers:

  • The Oster Volt dog clippers weigh 15 oz, so it’s slightly heavier than the Wahl Arco.
  • The high torque allows this cordless dog grooming clipper to cuz through the thickest of mats and tangles.
  • The blade only comes with one standard #10 blade. If you want to cut your dog multiple sizes, you’ll need to buy additional Oster blades.

The Ceenas Cordless Pet Clippers are low noise professional clippers and are the first choice for many dog lovers. Pet owners, who are looking for cordless dog clippers will find great value from these hair cutters. It has an excellent rating – 4.6 out of 5 stars. This pet grooming kit is suitable for dogs, cats, and other animals and is an affordable price.

These dog grooming clippers come with several useful tools – a pet clipper including battery, one cleaning brush, an AC power adapter, four comb attachments, a slicker brush, one nail clipper kit, a comb, a nail file and so on. This kit is great if it’s your first time grooming a dog at home as it comes with all the necessary tools.

Ceenwes Pet Clippers (Upgrade Version) has some major benefits, including:

  1. Low Vibration and Noise levels. The precision motor in the clippers makes it quiet. It has a low vibration level, and therefore, it is more suitable for pet grooming anxious dogs. It will make your dog feel at ease during the grooming process. 
  2. Adjustable Sharp Blades. Pet clippers with a titanium angle blade and ceramic movable blade are suitable for efficient and smooth cutting. By turning a knob, you can easily adjust the lengths of this cordless clipper.
  3. Cordless and Light Weight. Cordless and light-weight pet clippers are for regular use. Once you charge it properly, it will run for about 3 to 4 hours. This is plenty of time to cut at least two dogs.

The Bousnic Wireless Dog Clippers are one of the most popular clippers that are available at a reasonable rate. Its review rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars which is very good considering the number of reviews. These cordless pet clippers are suitable for small and large dogs, cats, and several other animals.

A Complete Dog Grooming Kit 

Once you purchase this dog grooming kit, you will be able to save a lot on pet grooming. This kit comes with everything you need to groom your pet. You can use this kit in several ways, from trimming your dog’s hair to giving touch-ups on your pet’s face, legs, and paws. 

This kit includes grooming clippers, a cleaning brush, four combs, stainless steel scissors, a USB cable for charging, and an oil bottle to keep the blades sharp. 

Low Vibration and Quiet 

Does your dog get anxiety due to the vibration and sound of dog grooming clippers? Don’t worry about it because the Bousnic dog clippers are extremely quiet. These skin-friendly pet clippers have low vibration levels and emitted sound. Your dog will not be scared and you will be able to groom him at ease. 

Cordless Dog Clippers

It is cordless and, therefore, easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether your dog has short or thick hair because these clippers with ceramic and stainless-steel blades that cut through your dogs hair. 

Powerful and Rechargeable Battery 

Bousnic Dog Clippers have a 2200mAh Li-ion battery that is easily changeable with the USB cable. There’s two different speed levels which is useful for when you’re grooming tangled hair.

The Wahl Bravura is one of the top rated cordless dog clippers on the market. It comes with a 90-minute run time which is plenty of time to groom one dog. It comes with a high-end rotary motor that can trim at 5,500 strokes per minute.

The best aspect about these wireless dog clippers is that they are ultra quiet and have a low vibrating frequency to ensure that your dog won’t be anxious or stressed during grooming. In addition to being quiet, the motor is extremely strong and delivers constant speed control and torque. Even if your dog has thick and matted hair, this razor will cut through it. It measures approximately 7 inches long and is lightweight at 8.8 ounces.

The Wahl Bravura comes as a dog grooming kit some you’ll get a cordless clipper, charger, 6 different blade lengths, a cleaning brush, and blade oil. It’s extremely versatile and come with the most common size blades to groom your dog (#9, #10, #30, and #40). 

The Oneisall Cordless Dog Shaver is the most popular dog clipper on Amazon in terms of reviews and ratings. This is because the dog clippers comes at an extremely affordable price point and the battery lasts long enough to shave one dog. You also get a ton of accessories with the cordless dog grooming clipper including scissors, a comb, and six blades.

For the price, these dog clippers are also very quiet. At 50dB noise level, your dog will feel at ease when they clippers are cutting near their ears. Your dog won’t be afraid of clippers anymore because of the low amount of vibration.

This cordless clipper for dogs comes with a sharp blade that is made of steel and ceramic. The battery lasts 80 minutes and only has an 80-minute charge time to be fully charged. When you purchase these cordless dog grooming clippers, Oneisall also provides a lifetime after-sale service.

How to Use Cordless Dog Clippers Safely?

Oneisall cordless dog clipper picture

To keep your four-legged buddy safe while grooming, it is necessary to prepare him beforehand. Once you have bought suitable cordless dog clippers, and are ready for this task, you’ll need to prepare your dog for their haircut. Wash their body and let them dry first. After this, you may proceed further with the grooming job. Below are some safety tips you may follow while grooming your pet. 

Don’t Press too Hard with the Clippers

Avoid pressing down on the clippers too hard. If you use high quality and new clippers, you will not have to apply much pressure. This may cause pain and result in scratching or cutting your dog’s skin. 

Follow A Specific Pattern 

dog grooming with clippers

For the best possible results, you may begin at your dog’s neck and trim their hair down to his tail. When you follow a specific pattern, your dog will get used to it, and he will feel more comfortable. As a general rule of thumb, you should never go against the way your dog hair looks.

Go Slow and Take Breaks

Moving the clippers gently and following the same pattern will make your dog feel more comfortable and less anxious. To make the grooming process more enjoyable for your pet, you may take breaks sometimes. 

Hopefully, you have found all the given information regarding dog grooming clippers useful. You may consult professionals who have profound knowledge if you still have some questions about the grooming process and dog clippers. Do not pick up just any clippers that come handy, rather do some research and select the right one.

Advantages of Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers

As a pet owner, you can choose between wired clippers or wireless clippers when you want to groom your dog. There are several advantages to using cordless dog clippers.

  1. You don’t need an extension cord. An extension cord costs additional money and is difficult to set up and tear down.
  2. You can groom anywhere. There are no restrictions of being next to an electrical outlet with a cordless dog grooming clipper. You can groom in your backyard or your garage very easily.
  3. The cord won’t be tangled around you or your dog. With a wired dog clipper, the cord often times gets stuck on you on your dog as you move around them. With a wireless dog clippers, this is never a problem.

Disadvantages to Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers

  1. Battery only lasts a certain amount of time. If you have more than one pet, chances are the battery won’t last. This is because most of the batteries only last two hours or less in-between charging.
  2. Won’t deliver constant power and torque. As a battery dies in the cordless dog clipper, it won’t deliver constant power and torque like a wired dog clipper will.
  3. Wireless dog clippers are usually more expensive. Since wireless dog grooming clippers need batteries, they are often more expensive. Wired dog clippers don’t require a portable battery.

Conclusion for Best Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers

cordless dog clippers next to dog

Many pet grooming companies are coming out with wireless dog grooming clippers because they are perfect for at home groomers who have a single dog. You no longer need an extension cord for power and you can groom your dog anywhere. As battery technology improves, the pet grooming clippers become more efficient and last longer. Cordless clippers are definitely better than wired clippers if you only have a single dog and can complete a grooming session in less than 80 minutes. We hope that you found a great product from our best cordless dog grooming clippers.



Best Cordless Dog Clippers

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